On February 24, 2007 (Morgestraich) our performance at the Musket was recorded and put on CD.

The CD was produced by Shawn Harrigan & Matt Buller for GoatHawk Productions, Toronto
Mixed & Mastered by Shawn Harrigan for GoatHawk Productions, Toronto

Following is the Track List. Click on the title to listen to the track or to save in MP3 format, use 'right-click / save as':

1 Intro
2 Arabi
3 Rivers of Babylon
4 Heiri's March
5 Jambolaya
6 Die Nacht ist ohne Ende
7 2001
8 Megge & Sascha Drum Solo
9 Happy Days
10 Basler March
11 Yellow Submarine
12 Gloria
13 Bonus Track: Bob & John Dixieland Jam